Hand Sanitizer Gel 2.54 oz (pack of 12)

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW BioMiracle StaySafe Hand Cleansing Gel

VOLUME 2.53oz

SIZE 5.90 x 2.16”

PACKAGE One Touch Cap

INGREDIENTS 62% Alcohol, Cica and Ceramide

USAGE BioMiracle StaySafe Cleansing Gel comes in a convenient, personal carry sized squeeze tube. Anti-bacterial formula contains moisturizing ceramide and soothing aloe to kill germs and help prevent dry hands.No stickiness or residue remains, providing a clean and fresh feeling after use. Contains moisturizing ingredients so it moisturizes skin while killing germs. Perfect when using public transportation, using a smart phone, to clean various office equipment, after pressing elevator buttons, before and after touching a pet, using public restrooms, gas station visits and any other high contact situation where hand washing is not available.

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Disclaimer: These are not intended for medical use, but they will help you from touching your face and keep your germs to yourself when you sneeze or cough. It’s for your peace of mind and those around you too.